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We do Half hour and hour lessons.  We usually cover one item per half hour.  So for eample in an hour lesson we could work on Hitting, and Pitching.  We do Hour lessons on one item, when needed.  We use Video Analysis to help the student understand and visualize where they are are, and what they need to work on.


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Our Instructors are highly qualified and provide Pitching, Batting, Catching, fielding and throwing.  We cover all ages.  Instructors will provide a positive and encouraging environment so players will have fun and learn how to play the game at the same time.  Players will be taught fundamentals, methods, drills to build muscle memory resulting in improved baseball & Softball players.  Our overall goal is to create successful, dedicated, respectful and disciplined athletes.



When you’re looking for a baseball/softball instructor for your child, what should you look for?
Many instructors will highlight their playing careers and say they were great players or they played at a high level of baseball. Playing experience is good and being an all-star caliber player is great, but many of these "instructors" lack the skills necessary to teach youth players the skills that they need to improve their game. All of My Batters Box instructors have played baseball. Some of our coaches have played at the college and professional level. But our coaches also have a combined 80+ years experience instructing youth baseball and softball players. In addition they have coached thousands of youth baseball and softball games at all age levels.


Coaching Experience

Coach Years
Coach Ron 20+
Coach Curtis 21+
Coach Steve 14+
Coach Tony 12+
Coach Phillip 8+
Coach Anthony 7+
Coach Sarah 4+
Coach CJ 4+


My Batters Box coaches offer high quality baseball and softball lessons. Our instructors can work with recreational players that are new to the game, select players, high school and college players that are looking to reach the next level of baseball. We’ve even had instructors work with professional baseball players. Regardless of the level, My Batters Box instructors will assess your players’ skills, listen to their goals, and then provide an age appropriate plan to improve their skills so they can reach their goals.



Lesson details

Pitching Lessons are customized based on each player's age and skills.  The following are some of the skills that are covered in pitching lessons:

  • Throwing and Pitching Drills
  • Gripping the 4-seam Fastball
  • Pitching from the Full Wind-up and Stretch
  • "Spot" Pitching
  • How to throw a a Change-up
  • Pick off Moves
  • "Mental Side" of Pitching
  • Video Analysis of Pitching Mechanics
Batting Lessons are customized based on each player's age and skills.  The following are some of the skills that are covered in batting lessons:
  • Proper Hitting Stance
  • The Correct Bat Path
  • Balance thru the Swing
  • How to Hit Inside and Outside Pitches
  • Situational Hitting
  • "Mental Side" of Batting
  • Video Analysis of Hitting Mechanics
Catching and Throwing Lessons are customized based on each player's age and skills.  The following are some of the skills that are covered in Catching and Throwing lessons:
  • Proper  Stance
  • The Correct arm Positions
  • Balance 
  • Using the lower body to throw
  • Propser Follow thru
  • Proper catching techniques
  • Video Analysis of Throwing Mechanics

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