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Increased speed and agility are necessities to excel (or just have more fun) in any sport. The only way to improve these skills is to work on them over and over again – at 100%. The training regimen and organization of Defy Gravity Speed & Agility classes were developed from a combination of coaching and training techniques experienced by Defy Gravity founder Antoine Howard, an All-American and multiple National Champion Track & Field athlete at the University of Arkansas.

Classes are designed to be effective for young athletes at any level, with the goal of moving them up a level – or two. For any athlete, age 8 – 18, no matter the sport, these classes will make a difference. Defy Gravity workouts use quality training equipment, including plyometric boxes, resistance bands, medicine balls and battle ropes.

More importantly, we also focus on mental preparation. Coach Antoine has a passion for turning young people into young leaders, and that passion shows up in every class, in every drill and in every rep.

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