Pitching Clinic

This is a 4 week clinic is for beginning pitchers. This clinic focuses on improving and enhancing the mechanics necessary to become an effective pitcher. Our overall goal is to create successful, dedicated, respectful and disciplined athletes. 



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  If you have 3 players you can pick your own night and time.

The following are some of the skills that are covered in the 4 week Pitching Clinic:

    • Gripping the 4- & 2-Seam Fastball
    • Pitching from the Full Wind-up and Stretch
    • ‘Spot’ Pitching
    • How to Throw a Change-up
    • Pick Off Moves
    • ‘Mental Side’ of Pitching
    • Throwing & Pitching Drills
    • 4 Week (4 one hour sessions)
    • Minimum 4 Players, Maximum 6 Players
    • Saves $120 vs. Private Lessons
    • $112 Per Player for Members
    • $140 Per Player for Non-Members
    • Fee Due at Registration


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